To: Reunion Committee (see distribution below)

From: Pete Weiss

Date: 6/10/99

Re: June 5 meeting notes

Our reunion committee held its second meeting on Saturday, June 5. The primary areas of discussion related to the areas of music / entertainment program and ways in which to promote attendance at our reunion party.

The music subcommittee (co-chaired by Joel Gibbs & Roni Berenbaum Rosen) has not made any final decisions regarding DJ / music selection. They agreed to contact Jeanette Potts (our Taylor representative) to follow up.

Taylor has indicated they will make press releases to approximately 50 media outlets. Joel will also make recommendations to Jeanette regarding additional press releases using some of his contacts.

The program subcommittee (co-chaired by Joel Gibbs & Terry Abrams) had one meeting since we last met as a group. They reported that they had several ideas regarding the 15 – 30 minute ceremonial / entertainment program for the evening. Although they had not arrived at a final decision yet, they guaranteed that "Joel and Terry will do mishagoss on the evening of the reunion".

The committee discussed ideas to help promote reunion attendance. Now is the time to begin developing a volunteer network. If anyone asks if they can help with the reunion, recruit them now to contact as many classmates as they can to promote the reunion. Personal calls to classmates turn "fence sitters" into attendees. Sandy suggested we tell people to call 10 classmates and report back to us.

If anyone has information regarding updated addresses or telephone numbers of classmates, they can just call Taylor at 800-677-7800 and provide the information on Taylor’s voice mail system.

A discussion ensued regarding door prizes. Members thought that some kind of funny but appropriate door prizes should be given out to enhance the reunion experience for everyone attending. The committee members tentatively agreed to give out 3 prizes, one each for male classmate, female classmate, and a guest. The door prizes that will be awarded will be solicited as donations from classmates by the "Guido" subcommittee also led by Joel Gibbs & Terry Abrams. Sandy Nitzberg Hyman suggested giving out raffle tickets at the door as people check in and pick up their picture nametags, Alumni Directory, etc. The raffle tickets will be pre-numbered and each eligible category (male classmate, female classmate, and guest) will be a different color. The selection of the winner in each category will be made at the reunion by random drawing. The ceremony at which the winners will receive their "gag awards" will be presided over by individuals selected by the program subcommittee.

The committee members inquired regarding the feasibility of adding information in the Reunion committee insert letter about the door prizes to be awarded. Pete Weiss reported that he had already sent the final insert letters to Taylor in Dallas after receiving committee approval at the last meeting. Thereafter, Pete spoke to Taylor who indicated that we could still make changes but need to give those changes to Taylor no later than June 21 did. Once the "Guido" subcommittee identifies the door prizes to be donated, Joel Gibbs agreed to help Pete Weiss make any changes to the committee’s insert letters to promote the door prizes with the idea that these could help generate more interest and increase attendance. A separate thank you letter for donors can also be included in the Alumni Directory (Taylor needs by early July).

The committee discussed the idea of having a "phon-a-thon" pizza party to call non-attending classmates approximately 2 - 4 weeks prior to the reunion. Pete Weiss said he might be able to make arrangements for the use of his office in town on a weekend for that purpose which has 8 telephone lines. After a discussion, the committee agreed that a Sunday evening (7:00pm – 10:00pm) would be a good time for that.

It was pointed out that previous attempts to contact our class sponsor, Mrs. Barr, have been unsuccessful and she has not attended any of our reunions. Roni Berenbaum Rosen suggested we contact Penn State since both of her sons are PS alumni. Terry Abrams and Roni agreed to follow up on this.

Several questions were raised which Pete Weiss agreed to provide answers for after consulting with Taylor.

The first mailing of preview invitations went out on June 7, approximately a week behind schedule. The second mailing of the formal invitation package is expected to be in mid-July. That package will include a customized invitation, unconfirmed persons list, personal data sheet, reservation slip, Reunion committee insert, and pre-addressed return envelope. The third mailing, approximately 6 weeks before the reunion, will be a reminder notice to those who received an invitation but have not made a reservation.

Our committee will be provided with information regarding non-responding classmates approximately 4 – 6 weeks prior to the reunion. That information will include names of classmates attending, declining, and not responding (including phone numbers). The personal data sheet will ask classmates for bio information and will include a space for email address. However, the individual bio information will not be available to our committee until the Alumni Directory is completed (shortly before the reunion) because of the voluminous amount of organizing and editing required.

Our next reunion committee meeting will be (to be announced).

Distribution list:

Roni (Bernbaum) Rosen

Terry Abrams

Joel Gibbs

Eileen (Gerson) Greenberg

Dale (Trager) Ellis

Cheryl (Korman) Levine

Eric "Ricky" Segal

Sandy (Nitzberg) Hyman

Lindye (Huscher) Shechtman

Jim Sweetwood

Jim Duff


Hal Cobert

Paula (Kressman) Rowe

Saul Jacobs

Steven Shechtman

Carol (Wagner) Saltzberg

Alan Pizzi

Harriet (Kramer) Jacobs

Bruce Genter

Joe Cairone

Alice Shephard Young