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Subj: Email list
Date: 01/24/00 4:57:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Robert Lankin)

January 24, 2000

To our classmates:

As you may know, Pete Weiss asked for volunteers to serve on a "steering commitee" to issue an opinion about the propriety of various types of messages which should be sent to the E-Mail list by classmates. Volunteers for the committee were Ron Zaritsky, Bob Lankin, Wendy Goldman and Sandy Dodek Braverman.

The committee wishes to make it known that we are issuing no opinion on any previous messages and is only voicing an opinion about future messages.

The committee's opinion is as follows:

Recently, through a lot of work on his part, Pete Weiss gathered the E-Mail addresses of many classmates which has facillitated discussions about Northeast High School and our experiences there. Rather than use technology to control the list and make it impossible for people to reply only through him, Pete has made the list public and has in fact made it possible for people to reply on their own and communicate with each other.

Accordingly, the list is now in the public domain and no one, including Pete, can be held responsible for messages sent except the writers themselves.

Members of the class, will have to use their own good judgment on what they will say. Your committee has put suggested limitations on the types of messages placed:

First and formost, if you are sending a message to the entire class, it should be one that you feel that a number of members would be interested in seeing.

Remember that an E-mail list of 200 or 300 people is a public place. Do not write anything that you would not put in the newspaper or say in a speech to 200 or 300 people.

Also, in order to retain this email list as a medium for classmates to exchange communications about NEHS and our experiences there, it is asked that there be no commercial "for profit" solicitations sent to the list. It is asked that any non-profit solicitations be limited to those which are directly related to Northeast High School and members of the 128th class.

Remember that we do have laws regarding defamation and that what you say can be printed up and brought to an Attorney in a couple of minutes.

Rules for good taste cannot be enforced but they do apply. If someone sends a message that you don't like, your recourse is to send a private message and courteously speak your mind. It's not Pete's fault so don't complain to him. You are also welcome to use your "delete" button.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Bob Lankin - Wendy Goldman - Sandy Dodek Braverman - Ron Zaritsky
Pete Weiss - Ex officio

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