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This page is in honor of classmates who cannot be with us. The following class members have been reported as deceased. If you have any special comments or memories to share about any of these old friends, please feel free to send us an email. If you know of someone who is deceased but is not included on this list, please email us and let us know so we can update this list. Last updated 8/22/18.

Ackerman, Mark

Bolotin, Howard

Baird, Kathleen from breast cancer on 3/22/99. Survived by
husband Edward Buckley, 4 children Marie Buckley Hartman,
Edward Buckley, Steven Buckley and Joseph Buckley;
and 2 grandchildren, Stephanie and Devon Hartman.

Beasley, Carol passed away in 2005 from muscular dystrophy.

Berkowitz, Sam passed away in 2001 from complications of Diabetes.

Blackman, Alan from complications due to Diabetes 5/12/04.

Blank, Mark 10/16/08 from injuries sustained
when he was attacked by four teenagers
while walking near his home in Washington D.C.

Blumberg, Richard January, 2010

Cohen, Janne from heart attack on 2/5/01.

Cohen, Leslie died in 1984.

Daroff, Michael

Diebel, Michele (Poppa-Wilbur)

Divver, Wayne passed away in early 1990's from complications resulting from a liver transplant

Domsky, Ronald

Dorfman, Lee

Doria, Janice King

Drucker, Linda
November, 2012.

Ellis, William O. Jr. passed away 5/2/07 of natural causes in his sleep

Erb, John

Ettinger, Herman died 8/19/16

Faber, Gerald

Fischer, Lanse

Frankel, Gene

Gill, Joe

Ginsburg, Marlyn (Lieberson) 3/29/10 from complications of pancreatic cancer

Goldberg, Howard aka Tsvi Golan died of a natural causes,
survived by his wife, Cici, and two sons

Goldberg, Ted M.

Goldstein, Aaron died of a massive heart attack on 3/14/04,
survived by his wife, Joyce, and two sons Jonathan and Drew

Goldstein, Lisa

Goldstein, Phyllis

Guss, Barry died in his sleep 4/7/15,

Greenberg, Amy of cancer in 1999

Greenfedder, Lee
survived by two beautiful daughters

Haig, Michael

Hanusey, Celestine (Rivers) on 2/17/03; from complications of Lupus disease

Hart, Terri
She passed away at the age of 14, well before she graduated from NEHS1969.
She was hit by a car in Atlantic City, N.J.

Hartman, Joan

Hering, James G.

Hirsch, Edmond "Mickey the Handyman" 11/16/13 after a courageous battle with Cancer
He inspired thousands of people with his daily Facebook postings about his existential battle to beat his cancer.

Kauffman, Judie (Garza) died 8/16/18

Kelman, Scott M.

Klein, Alexander Bruce died 2/17/15

Kofsky, Donna aug 5 2006 at the age of 54 after a 8 month battle with leukemia.
She left behind a wonderful husband and 3 kids who loved her with all their hearts. Thank you Howard Witzer (son)

Kurtz, Larry died in plane crash with Gary Lapin in 1979

Lapin, Gary died in plane crash with Larry Kurtz in 1979

Levinson, Mitchell from Cancer 2/24/17

Lewis, Barbara (Baxt) died from cancer (melanoma) on October 10, 2016.
She is survived by her husband Ron Adelman, her two daughters Aimee and Marny and a granddaughter Julia

Libby, Robert J. died from lung cancer on August 7, 2001.
He is survived by his wife, Patty and two children, Bobby and Allison

Lieberman, Eileen (Connors) on 8/18/18.

Lindenbaum, Barbara (Finkelstein)from ALS on September 7, 2009
She is survived by her beloved husband Marc, and two children, Adam and Jodi

Lowenthal, Sylvia

Malitsky, Ricky died 1/20/15 of untreatable liver cancer after being diagnosed only one month earlier.
His condition was a complication of Hepatitis C which he had lived with for 30+ years.

Malis, Michael

Mattleman, Carol (Fingerman)

Michaels, Shelly died 8/23/2016 after a long battle with breast cancer

Miller, Susan M.

Murphy, Nancy from lung cancer 10/2/01.

Neil, Nameroff died 9/7/2012 after a long battle with cancer

Noshay, Richard on 1/1/91.

North, Richard died in 2012 from pancreatic cancer. Survived by his wife and 3 children.

Pearlman, Michael from cancer 12/27/01.

Pizzi, Alan unexpectedly on 1/16/2017 from complications of the flu.
Survived by classmate Deborah Spirt, his wife of 45 years, and his sons Jason and Michael.

Pliner, Arlene

Podell, Alan

Pollock, Randi

Pomerantz, Rochelle from brain cancer.

Povlow, Robert

Rachuba, Dwight on 5/5/05.

Raker, Mark

Rakoff, Terry December, 2001.

Rayfield, Paul died suddenly of a heart attack Dec, 2012,

Reidenberg, Leslie 2005.

Robbins, Lois

Rosen, Sheryl (Rasansky)

Rosenberg, Preston

Rossman, Kenneth P.

Rudolph, Gary June 15, 2005.

Salkin, Larry August, 2005 from an apparent heart attack.

Schafus, Cindy E.

Schaible, Daniel

Schwartz, Stacy October, 2013 from an apparent heart attack.

Schlesinger, Norma

Seller, Craig September 24, 2015

Shapiro, Edward died of lung cancer 3/23/16.
He was a distinguished professor of child psychology and special education,
authored several books used nationwide, and won many prestigious awards while teaching at Lehigh University

Shapiro, Jeffrey died of cancer in 1999.
Survived by a wife, son, and daughter,
he was the Cantor at Congregation Beth El in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Sobel, Stanley

Specter, Ilene February25, 2007 reported by her husband Rich Haimovitz

Sweetwood, Jim
August 1, 2018

Tucker, Scott

Walder, Lewis

Weiner, Mark 2011

Woldov, Steven August 19, 2015 from complications of early onset Alzheimers

Wolfson, Ellis 1985

Ziegler, Robert died in his sleep 1987,
left a wife, Fran, and a son, Bryan

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