TOP TEN REASONS why you should come to the NEHS Class of ‘69 Thirty Year Reunion:

10.) See our Public League Championship Football Team in an "Old-timers" touch football rematch against members of the Cardinal Dougherty High School football squad.

9.) Turn in that "Dr. Mabel Haller – Principal Of The Year" 3 x 5 card you’ve been holding all these years.

8.) See for yourself what "Sin, sex booze, & wine" has done to the class of ‘69.

7.) Library Amnesty- Return that overdue library book without paying the $.05 per day fee for the past 30 years and save over $500.

6>) See an encore presentation of our school show by the original cast.

5.) Give your "friends" a chance to remind you of those experiences you’ve conveniently forgotten.

4.) Roll on the floor laughing as you compare classmates to the yearbook picture on their personalized nametag.

3.) Celebrate the Millenium at a party with the kids you grew up with… the class of ’69.

2.) Get your free copy of the class of ’69 Alumni Directory so you can keep in touch again.

And the #1 reason why you should attend the NEHS Class of ’69 Thirty Year Reunion…


30 years later…we still have our memories

Well here it is, thirty years later. It’s been a long time since we graduated from Northeast. Many of us have watched our kids graduate from their high school or college, marry, and even make grandparents out of us. We have progressed from students to teachers, children to parents, and in some cases, grandparents. Just as Dylan sang, " The times they are a changin," so too have we changed.

Remember Franklin Field? That rain soaked field on a cold December day when we cheered for our football champions. Or how about the card stamping parties where many of us rubber stamped on 3 x 5 cards "Dr. Mabel Haller – Principal of the Year" and beat all the other schools to show that we had the most school spirit.

Were you one of those who cut first period to have breakfast at Country Club Restaurant. Did you ever get caught crossing Cottman Ave. to have lunch at Burger Chef. And could you ever forget the stern look on Dean Allen’s face when you were taken to his office.

Do you remember the songs - Honky Tonk Woman, Aquarius, Sugar Sugar, Get Back, and I Can’t Get Next To You – and the groups – Cream, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and Jimi Hendrix.

Undoubtedly you will recall the excitement we all felt as Apollo 8 orbited the moon. Then, shortly after our graduation, we got goose bumps when Neil Armstrong took his famous first steps on the moon.

These are just a few of the memories we share collectively as a class and there are many, many, more. There are also our individual memories of friends, teachers, experiences, and events, of things we keep in our hearts and minds.

Come join us at the Holiday Inn - Select in Trevose, Pa. on Friday, October 22nd. Share with us your memories of "A time it was … and what a time it was". We would really like to see you again!

Very truly yours,

NEHS Class of ’69

Reunion Committee

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