Northeast High School Class of 1969
Now and Then
page 3

Alan Bell and Berna Eisenberg

Barbara Feldstein and Brian Ziv

Lee Dorfman and Phyllis Frolove

Joe White and Marc Krefetz

Paula Kressman and Marsha Levitan

Rosalie Lickman and Ira Litman

Linda Segal and Cheryl Matter

Nancy McPhillips and Maxine Millman

Bobby Phillips and Phyllis Knopmann

Joyce Pinsky and Lou Podel

Joan Plessner and Barbara Portnoy

Randi Kline and Laurel Robbins

Murray Roman and Ron Zaritsky

Marc Silverman and Steve Reiss

Shelly Tapper and Shelley Tarkoff

Cherie Troyen and Howard Zeitz


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