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Who looks better after 32 years, the '69 guys or girls?
Many classmates say that without the Now 'n then photo pages, they wouldn't
be able to recognize most of our classmates today. Some think its easy to
recognize the men in our class because other than being fat and bald, we all look
the same. The woman are much harder to identify because in addition to the normal
"filling out" of middle age, they have changed hair color and style, etc. Others see
it completely differently. They say the woman look great because they "cared about
their appearance" but the men look worn down by three decades of the merciless stress
and pressures of life in the big city. Who looks better, the guys or the girls of
the NEHS Class of 1969? What do you think?

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We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of classmate Rob Krumm who designed and created the poll page above

Alan Bell was seen celebrating football team victories and drinking beer at Tommy
Sherer's house on Friday nights during football season. Would it have hurt his
candidacy for class president if that information was dug up by investigative
reporters? Would it have changed your mind about who to vote for?


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